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Reference validity date: 2024/07/20

Measurement unit / measurement unit qualifier codeDescription
120Maximum retail price of cigarettes
120CMaximum retail price of cigarettes / 1 000
170Milliliter of electronic cigarette liquid
1801000 items of heated tobacco products
ASVX%vol / per hectolitre
CCTCarrying capacity in metric tonnes
CENHundred items
CTMCarats (one metric carat = 2 x 10-4kg)
DAPDecatonne, corrected according to polarisation
DHSKilogram of dihydrostreptomycin
DTNEHectokilogram / of drained net weight
DTNFHectokilogram / of common wheat
DTNGHectokilogram / , gross
DTNLHectokilogram / of live weight
DTNMHectokilogram / net of dry matter
DTNRHectokilogram / of the standard quality
DTNSHectokilogram / of sugar with a yield in white sugar of 92%
DTNZHectokilogram / per 1% by weight of sucrose
ENPFor each Euro or Member State national currency of the net, free-at-Union-frontier price, before duty of the product concerned
EUREuro (used for statistical surveillance)
GFIGram of fissile isotopes
GRTGross tonnage
KACKilogram net of acesulfame potassium
KCCKilogram of choline chloride
KCLTonne of potassium chloride
KGMAKilogram / total alcohol
KGMEKilogram / of drained net weight
KGMGKilogram / , gross
KGMPKilogram / of lactic matter
KGMSKilogram / of sugar with a yield in white sugar of 92%
KGMTKilogram / of dry lactic matter
KLT1000 litres
KMAKilogram of methylamines
KNIKilogram of nitrogen
KNSKilogram of hydrogen peroxide
KPHKilogram of potassium hydroxide (caustic potash)
KPOKilogram of potassium oxide
KPPKilogram of diphosphorus pentaoxide
KSDKilogram of substance 90 % dry
KSHKilogram of sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
KURKilogram of uranium
LPALitre pure (100%) alcohol
LTRALitre / total alcohol
MIL1000 items
MPR1000 pairs (used for statistical surveillance)
MTKSquare metre
MTQCubic metre
MTQCCubic metre / 1 000
MWH1000 kilowatt hours
NARNumber of items
NARBNumber of items / per flask
NCLNumber of cells
NPRNumber of pairs
TCETonne of CO₂ equivalent of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
TJOTerajoule (gross calorific value)
TNEETonne / of drained net weight
TNEGTonne / , gross
TNEITonne / of biodiesel content
TNEJTonne / of fuel content (usually in form of tallow, stearin, paraffin wax or other waxes, including the wick)
TNEKTonne / of bioethanol content
TNEMTonne / net of dry matter
TNERTonne / of the standard quality
TNEZTonne / per 1% by weight of sucrose
WATNumber of Watt